About us:



We search high and low to find the perfect piece of furniture just for you.  Then we add a little bit of home decor that is gently used or new to capture the perfect feeling in your home.  I love finding new products to add to the flavor of our store.  It could be anything from pillows, to artwork or maybe some locally grown products that help keep you healthy all year long!  You never know what we might offer, so check back again and again to see what's new!

We don't offer online shopping yet, we are spending our time in the store with our customers, but are always happy to share photos and other information and offer curbside pickup.  See below for delivery options.


How do I return an item?


Because some items may be consigned, we do not offer returns or store credit unless we've made a mistake in the representation of an item.   With all merchandise, we recommend you ask questions and look it over in case we've missed something.

What are your delivery options?


Delivery is available through Happy Wheels service for small items that will fit into a standard automobile for a $5 fee within a 3 mile radius (+ tip is recommended).  

For larger items we can recommend local furniture movers

Curbside pickup is always an optoin.